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Orange Flower Essence

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Almond: Self-control, Moral Vigor
Apple: Peaceful Clarity
Avocado: Good Memory
Banana: Humility Rooted in Calmness
Blackberry: Purity of Thought
Cherry: Cheerfulness
Coconut: Uplifted Spiritual Awareness
Corn: Mental Vitality
Date: Tender Sweetness
Fig: Flexibility, Self-acceptance
Grape: Love, Devotion
Lettuce: Calmness
Orange: Enthusiasm
Peach: Unselfishness
Pear: Peacefulness, Emergency Support
Pineapple: Self-assuredness
Raspberry: Kindness, Compassion
Spinach: Simplicity, Guilelessness
Strawberry: Dignity
Tomato: Strength, Endurance