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Keywords: Kindness, Compassion

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Dosage Directions

Message of Self-Mastery: Kindness; compassion; taking responsibility for one's actions; sympathy; benevolence; generosity; for releasing old wounds; desire to help others; forgiveness; the ability to "turn the other cheek"

Pattern of Disharmony: Feelings easily hurt; a touchy nature; for taking things too personally; for when people say hurtful things; over-reactiveness; insensitivity; for lashing out; lacking understanding; blaming others; resentment; bitterness; attitude of "I don't deserve this"; unkindness

Affirmation: In kindness I am one with all. The perfume of unconditional love blows through me to touch their hearts.

© 1996 by Lila Devi Stone. Reprinted from The Essential Flower Essence Handbook


Almond: Self-control
Apple: Healthfulness
Avocado: Good memory
Banana: Humility
Blackberry: Purity of thought
Cherry: Cheerfulness
Coconut: Upliftment
Corn: Mental vitality
Date: Sweetness, tenderness
Fig: Flexibility
Grape: Love, devotion
Lettuce: Calmness
Orange: Joy
Peach: Selflessness
Pear: Peacefulness
Pineapple: Self-assuredness
Raspberry: Kindheartedness
Spinach: Simplicity
Strawberry: Dignity
Tomato: Strength, courage